Perpetual Surrender, the debut LP from Toronto's DIANA was among the most celebrated releases of 2013, but while DIANA's members had been involved with prior projects (singer/guitarist Carmen Elle touring as a member of Austra, and Joseph Shabason playing saxophone for Destroyer), the album was the effort of a band that barely existed, having essentially come into being as the album was being written and recorded. The band was initially conceived as a one-off recording project, a constructive way to use studio time that drummer/producer Kieran Adams and Shabason had on their hands, and the excitement that greeted "Born Again," the first track released from the album, was completely unexpected, propelling the band to a place they had never planned on going.

"That the first single got the attention that it got was really sudden and surprising to us" says Elle. "At that point we’d never played a show or jammed or anything. We made a record in a really staggered way, where I only joined the band at the very end, and then we were suddenly getting emails from record labels who wanted to sign us. We put a song on the internet and people went fucking nuts, but that wasn't supposed to happen at all."

For Adams the experience was equal parts exciting and enervating, as he and his bandmates attempted to harness the momentum that had been generated by music they had no idea how to play live. "It was a big shock, and then we were purely responding to that for a while," he says. "We didn’t have an opportunity to figure out what was natural to do. Everything felt very stressful because it wasn’t coordinated at all and we were just trying to catch up and figure out how to move forward.

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