Evening Hymns
Evening Hymns

Evening Hymns are a Canadian indie folk-rock band and project of singer and songwriter Jonas Bonnetta.

Evening Hymns are sung from the cathedrals of tall trees. They capture the spirit of moments, of friends around a bonfire on a foggy beach and the crunching of snowshoes in the silence of a winter night.

2013’s Spectral Dusk, earned critical praise and was long-listed for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize. The grief-stricken homage to the passing of Bonnetta’s father in 2009 is a testament to Jonas’ ability to explore and share himself through his music.

Immediately after completing a tour across North America & Europe in support of Spectral Dusk, Jonas set to work crafting new music. Reunited with band members Jon Hynes on bass, guitars, backing vocals, Andrew Kekewich on drums, and producer/engineer James Bunton, Evening Hymns crafted the new songs with the feel of “moving on, but with a big dose of nostalgia.”

When talking about writing the songs on 2015's Quiet Energies, he speaks of growth and transformation, being generous and giving of oneself, and the inevitability of time passing by. The thrust of the album would be "the concept that all of this pent-up energy could be stored inside these quiet moments and still hold significance – like a whisper with the force of a hurricane.”

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Evening Hymns - Quiet Energies
Evening Hymns
Quiet Energies

Evening Hymns - Spectral Dusk
Evening Hymns
Spectral Dusk

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