Nedelle Torrisi
Nedelle Torrisi

The daughter of a priest-turned- jazz drummer father and ex-nun turned pianist mum, Torrisi grew up in California steeped in music. Music was “a given, not a choice” in her house, she recalls fondly – “I chose the violin and my brother chose the clarinet, and we both studied the instruments into our twenties.”

That devotion pays off on Advice From Paradise, a record with whip-smart musicality to match its infectious heartbreak. Can't Wait sees wailing twin guitars fade to a slow jam saunter with shades of Toni Braxton, singing about longing for someone in unrelenting rain. Double Horizon is a Beach House-ish harpsichord pop dream that Noisey called “sunshine-filled, poppy and blissful.” Don't Play Dumb meanwhile is a tale of romantic game-playing set to gorgeous MIDI calypso synths and accompanied by a video that saw Nedelle cause trouble in a Target store – she and the clip's director, Travis Peterson, were actually kicked out of the supermarket twice while trying to film.

Featuring contributions from Julia Holter and Dev Hynes, the album was recorded in two weeks with Haunted Graffiti member and former housemate Kenny Gilmore, with whom Nedelle “slept at the studio and worked all day until we became cross-eyed.” Then, disaster struck. “So, the album was missing in Russia for four months,” says Nedelle, incredibly. “The story is crazy,involving Russian friends, a nice taxi company, and a lot of luck, but we got it back!” It's a good thing they did – moving and warm, Advice From Paradise is a sprawling pop paradise of its own,full of such insight into the trials and tribulations of the dating game, it came as no surprise to fans three years ago when Torrisi launched her own love advice column, (and now a video series, too) on “It's kept trucking, so I've just kept doing it,” says the singer. With a new album on the horizon after the re-release of Advice From Paradise, expect Torrisi to keep on trucking too, onto even greater things in 2016.

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Advice From Paradise

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